Scoop6 Could be £4 Million Record Breaker Next Saturday

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MANCHESTER, England, April 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

The Scoop6 is expected to be over GBP4 million next Saturday after the bet rolled again for the eighth week running.

There were only 112 tickets going into Leg 4 and Streams of Whiskey surprise win once again rolled the bet.

Totepool spokesman Mark Pearson,

"We were 4/6 that the Scoop6 was won this Saturday and incredibly once again it rolled after just four legs. Turnover was massive at GBP1,585,098 and next weekend the combined win and bonus funds will go over GBP4 million, and if it eludes the punters again it would be a record roll-over in the bet's fifteen year history. We could even end up with record combined funds which was in November 2008 when it hit GBP4.5 million. The Scoop6 has once again caught the public's imagination."

The current record for the combined win and bonus fund roll-overs is GBP3,549,437 in March 2009, Saturday's roll-over is the fourth biggest ever with combined funds of GBP3,061,776.

A total GBP1,585,098 was bet into the pool and there were 536 winners of the place fund who won GBP591.40.

Scoop6 bets can be placed at next Saturday and look out for previews from Friday on the website as we build up to what will hopefully be a record breaking Scoop6.

    totescoop6       Saturday's turnover 1,585,098      Win                              Not Won         rollover  1,528,248      Place                            591.40                  536 winners        Bonus                            Not Won         rollover  1,533,528      Win Fund units left after leg 1        12,851      Win Fund units left after leg 2        1,948      Win Fund units left after leg 3        112      Win Fund units left after leg 4        0      Win Fund units left after leg 5        0  

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