Sports Trading Club wages $26 Million That Brazil Will Not Win the World Cup

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LONDON, April 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

The only concern the Sports Trading Club has with its record $26 million wager that Brazil will not win the World Cup, is the fact that it has to overcome the Brazilian legend Pele and history.

The problem the Sports Trading Club has is that the greatest soccer player to ever play the game, Pele, agrees that Brazil will not win a sixth World Cup this summer either ....but Pele has never been right in predicting the winner of the World Cup....ever. To win, they both have to defy history repeating itself.

"We have always been very confident that Brazil were a huge risk and a great trade to make for them not to win the World Cup," said STC UK Communications Manager Patrick McMahon.

"We traded them to lose $26 million at 4.0, but with Pele coming out this week and agreeing with us, we'll now have to also overcome his historically poor judgments, let's just hope there is a first time for everything."

The majority of the $26 million was wagered with the private betting club for multi-millionaire clients, and Betfair.

Pele may have been one of the greatest players in the history of the game, having been part of three victorious World Cup teams in 1958, 1962 and 1970, but, since retiring, he has become less respected as a pundit off-the-pitch.

The Brazilian is infamous for his numerous wrong predictions over the years. Romario once declared that "Pele is a poet when he keeps his mouth shut", while coach Luiz Felipe Scolari delivered the legendary line, "I believe Pele knows nothing about football. His analysis always turns out to be wrong. If you want to win a title, you have to listen to Pele and then do the opposite."

Pele sees flaws in this World Cup team for his homeland, despite a strong defense and a midfield that features players who can play from endline to endline. The issues are up top, where Pele and a host of legends have won global acclaim and fame for scoring goals.

"It is because the World Cup is a box of surprises, to me - the two best teams are Spain and Germany," Pele said in an exclusive interview at Hofstra University.

"For me, of course, first I always think Brazil among the favorites. We have experience from the World Cup, but I think the two best teams are Germany and Spain. They are better prepared for the World Cup."

"Always Brazil was a great attacking team, Pele, Didi, Ronaldinho, Romario - these are the first years that Brazil has a problem to set up the attack. The midfield back, Brazil is fantastic. Fantastic," Pele said. "Neymar is a great young player but it's his first World Cup."

"There will be pressure on the Selecao this summer, especially given the enormity of the sport and what it means to the nation. It is pressure that might be Brazil's greatest enemy on the field and could take them down before the semifinal round". He said.

"We work hard to try and tell the people. The World Cup is tough anyway. We have two or three countries that have the World Cup and the home team lost - in 1950 we have the World Cup and Brazil lost. There's great pressure on Brazil, no doubt. Mixed in it is the political problem. That I think created a little more problem."

"The pressure, because Brazilians are thinking just win. This is a problem," Pele said.

Considered the best player of all-time, Pele had 92 caps with the Brazilian national team during an incredible run that included three World Cup titles.

Earlier this year the Sports Trading Club enjoyed a multi-million dollar win predicting Serena Williams and Novac Djokovic would fail in the Australian Open Tennis. It has also predicted Rafeal Nadal will not win the French Open tennis final later this year.

The Sports Trading Club forecasts that it will earn some 680 million yuan ($110 million) this year.

The reasons for optimism includes spectacular success in Australia in 2013 where it enjoyed a 1,900 percent profit.

STC UK Communications Manager Patrick McMahon said the fundamental difference was that most on-line sports betting companies that make money do so by taking money from their clients. The Sports Trading Club takes a different approach and makes money for their clients.

The Sports Trading Club, ( was predicted in December 2012 to be the rising star of 2013, and lived up to that confidence by becoming the top performer in any industry, with a eighteen-fold rise in return, meaning a $50,000 investment on the 1st January 2013 made a profit of over $900,000 one year later. A rise of over 1,900 per cent.

STC says that their success can also be attributed to the enjoyment and enthusiasm of its members and the experience of being a member of an exclusive club.

"They don't have to make the decision on what to trade, we do that but they are fully informed in advance of every trade we make, so they get the same level of excitement and enjoyment by watching the sporting event in real time," Mr McMahon said.

"The difference is they win and that is far more enjoyable than losing," he said.

The Sports Trading Club, which operates as a private investors group in England, allowed the general public to become members in Australia in 2013 and is now expanding throughout Asia.

Its success in 2013 has sent a clear message to investors that trading on sports and prediction markets is an emerging industry to rival traditional financial markets.

"Our move to Australia has proven to be astute. A person who invested $50,000 on January 1 of last has seen that grow to $958,000," Patrick McMahon said.

"We don't gamble, we trade, " he said. "At the Sports Trading Club we make money out of other people's mistakes. When one side gambles, and the other trades, it is like owning the casino, you make money even whilst you sleep."

"This is an exciting emerging market and growing at an unprecedented rate, making it the fastest growing sector of e-commerce in the world today," he said.

Bank of America and Merrill Lynch predict that by 2015 the on-line sports market will be worth over $512 billion a year.

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