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06 September 2013

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Microgaming is a leading online casino software company which has won numerous industry awards over the years. Their current portfolio consists of various different products and one of their very latest creations is a 3D mobile application called Bronzebeard Blackjack – The Strategy Coach.

This new app is aimed at helping players become masters of the game and it is currently compatible with the Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8, plus it is also now compatible with the XBOX console. XBOX users can access this strategy coach directly via Xbox Live.

This is a useful new app which teaches new players about basic blackjack strategy in the simplest way possible, but it can also be used by seasoned pros who may think they know a thing or two about this fast-paced card game.

Users don’t need to be connected to the internet to access this app. Once it has been downloaded onto your handset, you can access it any time of the day without having to go online. Remember that this is just a tutorial program, which means that it is only available in the free play demo mode. This is not a real cash gambling version of blackjack.

Unlike standard free play blackjack, which you can find at almost every online casino today, this app enables you to learn as you play and hopefully you will progress as a player. Having just the slightest possible edge over the house will always come in handy, and this is the main reason why this is such a great app. It has already received some great user-reviews.

The Head of Product Channels for Microgaming, Neill Whyte, said, “This is a very exciting development for Microgaming and shows our intent to develop games for all operating systems and platforms. The game is easily accessible through the Microsoft Windows Phone Store, and so far, the application is receiving very positive reviews online, which is fantastic to see.”

This new strategy coach app contains more than 60 unique in-play animations. These captivating 3D graphics are accompanied by some great sounds and responsive player controls. There are four different levels to explore, which is laid out like a treasure map. The main supported language is English and the total file size is 20MB.

Players can use the smooth player controls to perform the following actions, Hit, Stand, Double and Split and also doubling after splitting is allowed. Players can also speed up the gameplay by hitting the Rebet button after each hand. The 3D Pirate makes regular appearances at various stages throughout each hand and he will offer hints and tips along the way.

Players even have the option of being able to turn the coach guidance system off at any time. If you want to learn how to play blackjack, there is no better way than with Bronzebeard Blackjack – The Strategy Coach. This Pirate-themed app is available now at the Microsoft Windows Phone Store.

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