Useful Tips for Getting Started at an Online Casino

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23 September 2013

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Getting started at ANY online casino today is a relatively straightforward process. Before you can start gambling in the real cash mode though, you will need to register your details and open an account with the casino. As soon as your account has been activated the next step is to make a deposit. When you have funded your account, only then can you can start playing for real cash prizes.

The online casino application form generally takes less than ten minutes to complete, but you will need to have several important documents at the ready. Players need to prove who they say they are for the verification process to be completed. For example, you couldn’t give a fake name and address and then expect the casino to be fooled by your details. The reputable operators try their hardest to eliminate fraud and underage gambling, so if you are younger than 18 years old, you may as well give up and wait until you are of legal age.

The casino will request various documents from you and this should have your current address on. If for example you got married and changed you name, but you send the casino a copy of your passport with your OLD name on, the casino WILL NOT accept the old information. Also, most online casinos require you to send in documents that are less than three months old. This can be a nightmare if you don’t have any of these documents ready because it means that the verification process will take much longer to complete.

One of the best pieces of advice to give players would be to scan your passport and then keep your scanned copy stored locally somewhere on your computer. Also keep an original gas or electricity bill scanned and ready to send, or a recent bank statement will generally suffice. Just make sure that your current address officially appears somewhere on these documents. In some cases, the verification process can take two or three days to complete, so you will need to be patient, but you might get lucky and your details could be verified within just a few hours.

As soon as the verification process is complete, your real cash gambling account will be activated and you can start playing in the real cash mode straight away. Most new players generally receive confirmation via email that their account has been activated. Also remember to check your spam/junk folder because the email may have ended up in here.

If you are still waiting for confirmation that your details checked out after a couple of weeks, you should try and get in touch with a member of staff. You can launch the Live Chat feature or call the team on one of the customer support telephone numbers. This is generally toll free support, or you could send the casino an email with your query and expect a response within a couple of days maximum.

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