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03 August 2013

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Most fully licensed online casinos today are monitored by reputable and independent organisations and one of the things these auditors monitor is the payout percentage rate, which is otherwise known as the Return to Player (RTP) rate.  

Each game will have its own payout percentage rate and the casino itself will also have an average payout percentage rate. This info can generally be found somewhere on the homepage, plus most of today’s online casino reviews also tend to reveal this information. Many auditors calculate this information on a monthly basis. For example, you can visit the eCOGRA website and view each casino’s payout certificates which date back months, if not years.

Online casinos naturally have a higher payout rate than land based casinos and you will find that the vast majority of today’s online casinos have a RTP payout rate of somewhere between 92% and 97/98%, although it has been known for some online casinos to exceed to 100% mark.

This data is calculated in a very simple way. If for example an online slot machine has an average payout rate (or theoretical payout rate) of 98%, it basically means that 2% percentage of all wagers will go into the coffers of the casino operators and the remaining 98% is returned to players as winnings. In early 2013, there were several online casinos that all recorded having well over 115% RTP, although this doesn’t mean to say that every player benefited from this.

The results are still ‘random’ and the stats are based on total wagers made by the players over a certain period of time (usually one month). There could be millions of frequent real cash players playing at the casino and it doesn’t mean that all players will walk away as winners.

So in theory, the higher the payout percentage is, the more you should win, but in reality, it doesn’t always pan out this way. These statistics fluctuate all the time, so although one online casino may have an epic RTP of 105% one month, the next month it could be back to 95% or 96%.

If you are trying to find out what a casinos average RTP is, but you can’t seem to find this information anywhere, you should try to contact the customer support or perform some more research yourself. If the casino is reluctant to give you this information then this should set alarm bells ringing. Something is definitely not right. Only someone who has something to hide would not reveal this information. In some cases, certain rogue casinos have even falsified this information to make it appear as though they have better payout rates than they actually have.

An online casino that is fully licensed in a jurisdiction such as Kahnawake, the UK, Alderney, Gibraltar, Malta, Curacao or The Isle of Man generally doesn’t lie about its payout reports. These online casinos are closely monitored by reputable organisations so it would be very difficult for them to lie about their payout rates, but they would also be heavily fined if they did. This is why you should only ever play in the real cash mode at a fully licensed online casino which has a proven track record within the online gambling industry.

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