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14 February 2014

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Thinking about your poker strategy? There are almost as many techniques as there are games. No matter what your level (whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player), finding the method that’s matches your style isn’t always easy. Online strategies are all designed to help take the player to that next level, but success ultimately depends on the individual. The following is a list of a few basic tips designed to help you work on your game.

Be smart with how you play

Most beginner players tend to play too many hands. However, playing extra hands won’t guarantee that you’ll win any more often, so if you hold 50% plus of the dealt hands you may want to rethink your game. Also, whilst bluffing works for some players some of the time, it’s only successful in certain situations. Unless you have mastered the art of bluffing, it’s probably better not to bluff at all, since there aren’t any surefire strategies for bluffing. It is never a smart idea to play drunk either. There are times when you’re playing for fun, and it’s not that big a deal… However, when you are playing for the big bucks, keep a leash on the drinking - even two drinks may cause you to lose the upper hand.

Don't let your emotions get in the way

Never play when you’re depressed, angry, or upset. You’re much more likely to allow your emotions rather than your head to rule your play. More often than not, your decisions won’t be the best. Like playing under the influence of alcohol, your game may be compromised. Anytime you begin to “tilt” even during the game, take a timeout until your mood is back under control, so you won’t be taken advantage of (more on protecting your money from tilt).

Pay attention

Keep a close eye on what is happening on the poker table. In games like Texas Hold'em, watch possibilities for flushes and straights and decide what might be the most likely hand for “the flop”. In games such as Seven Card Stud, notice what is still showing and what has already been folded before calling your opponents. Just like watching the table, keep an eye on your opponents. If you’re aware that they have certain playing patterns you can use that information to help direct your own play.

Don't get carried away

Don’t be tempted to play higher limits than you’re comfortable with. Just because you’re having a good night, wanting to impress friends, or feeling lucky, avoid the temptation to play higher stakes than you and your wallet are comfortable with. Usually when the stakes rise, the ability level of the opponents also increases. It’s generally better to be one of the better players at the table than to get into a game where you’re over your head.

Some other things to think about

Don’t stay in just because you’re in. Throwing more money into the pot when you know that the hand you’re holding isn’t likely to improve is usually the time to fold. Don’t try to “keep a player honest” by calling at the conclusion of a hand. And, learn to trust your intuition. Understand the dynamics of the game you’re playing, know the table, and get to know who you’re playing against… using good common sense is the best strategy to improve your performance and increase your profits!

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