Online Casinos for Desktop Computers vs Mobile Casinos

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06 June 2015

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Online casinos can now be accessed using a variety of different devices including desktop systems such as a PC, laptop or Mac operating system. You can also now access online casinos from most smartphone and tablet devices. You can even use some of the much older Symbian devices to play in online casinos. When comparing online casinos for desktop computers and mobile casinos for smartphone & tablet devices, there’s a lot to take in to account.

You can’t really say that one is better than the other, but you could say that one is more convenient than the other. For example, you couldn’t just carry your PC or laptop out with you every time you leave the house or office, so when playing at an online casino from a desktop computer you are often quite restricted on where you can play. Smartphone & tablet devices give you the freedom to play for pretty much any location, providing you have a decent internet connection etc. This reason alone is why mobile casinos are far more convenient than desktop casinos.

One of the things you never have to worry about when playing from your PC though is your battery dying half way through a free spins bonus round, or half way through a round of blackjack or roulette. Battery life on a smartphone or tablet device can greatly reduce the amount of time you get to play on our favourite games. You could spend countless hours playing from your PC without ever having to worry or even think about your battery dying.

In recent times, mobile casino gambling participation has actually overtaken desktop casino gambling participation and this probably won’t come as a surprise to most of you. The only real downside at the moment is that mobile casinos contain far fewer games when compared to the desktop version of the same casino. However, you will find that, on average, at least four, five or even six new games will arrive at your favourite mobile casino every four to six weeks throughout the year, without fail. This means that the game count is rapidly increasing and you will soon have just as many games to choose from compared the amount of games you normally have available when playing from your PC or laptop.

The other real difference between desktop casinos and mobile casinos is the size of the screen that you get to play your favourite games on. Tablet screens can be quite large, but there’s nothing quite like watching the action unfold on a 20+ inch screen. When playing from your mobile or table device you can only really watch the action unfold from the palm of your hand and for some players this isn’t good enough. Both desktop casinos and mobile casinos have their good points and their bad points, but in moderation both forms can be equally as exciting.

If you want to play in an online casino today then head over to where you can find a comprehensive range of online casino reviews. You will find that the vast majority of the fully licensed online casinos that have been reviewed on this website are also now available on mobile. Many of the casinos are powered by some of the world’s most advanced online casino software providers and they are controlled by some of the most trusted names from the online (and sometimes offline) gambling industry. 
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