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28 August 2017

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BitCoin is the biggest shakeup to how we trade and spend money and it's big news at US online casinos right now. BitCoin could make it easier to play online, and could even give you better bonuses. What exactly is BitCoin, and how can you take advantage of this new digital currency at your favorite online casino?

What is BitCoin?

BitCoin is the latest and the most revolutionary form of currency to hit our (virtual) wallets. BitCoin is a cryptocurrency, which basically means it is a form of digital currency. It is entirely virtual – BitCoin is created virtually, stored electronically, and spent online. No one can have a BitCoin in their pocket, unless that pocket is an electronic one.

BitCoin was created by a software developer – or a group of software developers; no one really knows – “named” Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. They/he/she proposed the system as a form of electronic payment based on mathematical formulas. By 2015, there were over 100,000 BitCoin merchants and vendors accepting the currency. You can use BitCoin as you would any form of electronic payment, or save it as an investment.

The cryptocurrency is “mined”, or created digitally, by computers. There is a limit to how many BitCoin can be produced. Another way BitCoin stands out from traditional currency is that no one person, bank, or government controls BitCoin. BitCoin is produced by people and businesses, but the whole process is decentralized. This is markedly different from the regular way currency works, and it appeals to many people – particularly those using online casinos.

How Do I Use BitCoin at Online Casinos?

Using BitCoin at an online casino is surprisingly simple. You can make BitCoin transactions on the PC or mobile devices. In essence, using BitCoin at an online casino is easy if you have a credit or debit card with which to purchase BitCoin.

First of all you need a virtual wallet. This is a place online where you keep your BitCoin until you use them in the casino, or elsewhere. There are a variety of wallets available for BitCoin and you can download one from the app store on your computer or phone.

Once you have set up a wallet you can buy BitCoin through a regulated exchange. This is the safest and most convenient way to deal with BitCoin. You will normally need to supply a picture of your ID when you set up an account in order for them to verify your real identity.

After purchase, send your BitCoin to your wallet, ready to use at the casino. In terms of actually using BitCoin in the casino, you check the option for BitCoin when you are making your deposit and follow the directions to get the money into your casino account ready for play.

How Does BitCoin Benefit US Players?

There are a few big benefits for players using BitCoin at US casinos. The US has very limited online banking options for US players, since there are many laws acting against online commerce. So BitCoin is a valued and valid alternative option that is growing in popularity.

BitCoin is fast – you can typically buy BitCoin and have the currency in your account in less than 30 minutes. It is much easier to set up a BitCoin address than it is a merchant account. It’s also convenient as you can buy and send BitCoin from anywhere you have an internet connection, at any time.

It’s secure – the technology behind BitCoin is designed to keep your money safe however long you have it in your account.

It’s cheaper than other forms of deposit – there are usually no transaction fees associated with using BitCoin at US casinos. At most casinos it is the cheapest available deposit option and you can get free BitCoin withdrawals.

And you control your own currency. There are no banks involved and no third parties, which means that in theory there will not be a currency meltdown caused by any government or political situation.

And what’s more, you stand to benefit from big bonuses when you go down the BitCoin route. Want to know more about bonuses? Check out the info below…

What are the Best BitCoin Casinos?

Since BitCoin is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to make a deposit at an online casino and withdraw money, a growing number of top-rated US casinos are now eagerly accepting BitCoin.

Some of these popular online casinos include, Bovada Casino and Drake Casino. The best casinos are those that are controlled by the trusted operators in the online casino world and licensed by the relevant authorities like the Kahnawake, New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware Gaming Commissions. They’re the best because you get effective online security but also the best games from the top developers like Rival Gaming, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, and Betsoft Gaming.

When choosing a casino that accepts BitCoin, check the security methods in place on the site to keep your money safe (you need to do this for whatever form of currency you use at online casinos.) The casino should be fully secured and offer security against identity theft. Also look for the bonus offers that are available for new or regular users depositing BitCoin. But remember that a good bonus offer usually only lasts for a short length of time so you need to find somewhere you enjoy playing, with a range of the best games, which also offers good customer service and support.

BitCoin Casino Bonuses & Other Useful Info

Now is a great time to use BitCoin at US online casinos since the bonuses for BitCoin are typically bigger than those for other payment methods. In fact, they could be worth thousands of dollars. And they’re not just aimed at new members (although the biggest bonuses are usually reserved for new deposits.)

For example, popular online casino currently offers a whopping 300% BitCoin Match Bonus when you make your first deposits using BitCoin. You can get up to $7,500 in cash in your account – that’s made up of a 300% match bonus on the first deposit up to $1,500 and then a 150% match bonus on your next eight deposits, up to $750 per deposit. At Bovada online casino you get a 150% match bonus for your first three deposits up to a value of $1,500 per deposit.

At some casinos you need bonus codes to sign up, while with others you do not. It depends on where you are playing, so check the details on the site. There will also be stipulations on how you can withdraw money and when, as with any form of bonus scheme and transactions at online casinos, so again check the details before you sign up.

What’s the future of BitCoin? No one really knows for certain how BitCoin will fare in coming years. Will it be a short-lived thing or something more permanent and widely used? One thing’s for sure, you get a lot of benefits from using BitCoin at online casinos right now, so it’s certainly worth a try.

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