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30 March 2010

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Online slot machines have become increasingly popular in recent years and with the amount of online slots available on the internet constantly rising it can sometimes be hard to know which games are worth playing.

In principle online slot machines are no different to those that are found in traditional casinos around the world. The set up of online slot machines varies from game to game between 3, 5 and 7 reel displays.

Some people can be sceptical of online gambling due to its completely computerised nature, the world of online casinos has grown to such a level that it is so highly competitive and watched that any underhand trickery simply does not exist.

Slot machines are one of the easiest games for online gambling novices to master due to their simple format. When playing online slot machines you will see the reels in the centre of your screen, when commanded these will spin and hopefully line up for you. Your options are usually contained in the bottom section of the screen and include various betting and spin options. All you need to do is click the spin button which is typically on the right hand side, cross your fingers and watch the reels.

If you are a slot machine novice or simply wish to pass a few minutes there are a number of free online slot machines out there. The free online slots can give the confidence to play the game before taking on the casinos in a pay per play game.

Casino Man independently review each of the online slot machines to give you a comprehensive slot machine guide. Casino Mans guide is as open an honest as possible and gives you all the key facts including number of reels, playlines, wildcards, scatters, Gamble, Multipliers, Highest Jackpot, 2nd jackpot, coin values, coins per line, maximum bet and bonus features. In addition Casino Man also give an in-depth review of the game itself and having played nearly all online slots out there Casino Man is an expert in his field.

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