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13 May 2010

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Blackjack has long been one of the most popular land based casino games, with the introduction of online gambling this popularity has been mirrored in online casinos. The exact origins of the game blackjack are unknown however early indications of Blackjack dates back many centuries.

When originally introduced into the United States blackjack was not popular and gambling houses offered high bonuses to entice patrons into playing. One of these bonuses was to offer players 10 to 1 odds if the players hand consisted of the ace of spades and a black jack which is where the name blackjack was born.

Playing blackjack in online casinos follows the same rules as land based casinos. The aim of blackjack both in online casinos and land based is to achieve a card total of as close to 21 as possible without exceeding 21 and ‘going bust’. In addition the player must also beat the dealer.

There are some basic blackjack rules that must be followed when playing in any type of casino, firstly before any cards are dealt the player must place their bet, the dealer then deals each player two cards and two to himself. Each card has a count; face cards (kings, queens, jacks) have a value of 10, ace cards can have a value of 1 or 11 (player’s choice) and remaining cards follow their face value.

If the sum of the player’s first two cards is equal to 21 they win, unless the dealer also has a total of 21 in which case they draw. If the sum of the players first two cards are low they can request a further card which is called a Hit, this is done by scraping the table with your hand or cards. If the player does not wish to be dealt any more cards they can choose to stand by placing their cards under their wager or moving their hand in a horizontal direction.

Blackjack is offered in the majority of online casinos and is a game that involves both skill and luck. With so many online casinos offering blackjack picking where to play can be the hard part. Casino Man has put together a list of the top 50 online casinos which includes independent reviews from real players.

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