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09 September 2010

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Online Gambling brings all the anticipation, the excitement and the rewards of chance to your own home, but once in a while it is nice to actually step out of the house, get dressed up and go out for a grand night of fun at a real world casino.

Most large towns have a casino, and for a first visit, these local establishments can be fun, though you must bear in mind the expectations of the proprietors as to your behaviour. Unlike Online gambling, where you can play in jeans, dressing gown or even in the raw, most casinos require you to acknowledge the speciality of the occasion by making an effort with your appearance. Frivolity aside part of the fun in going to an offline casino is to see and be seen by other people, engage, interact, and hopefully win against other players.

Something to remember about real world gambling is that other gamblers can see you AND they can see your reactions, so for card games you really should work on your poker face and on spotting the ‘tells’ in other players or you may find your experience very short and embarrassing.
Another factor of gambling at a casino, particularly a hotel casino is alcohol. Having a drink or two can help to loosen up tight nerves but overdoing the alcohol can lead to massive errors of judgement, and not just with your gaming. The best tactic is to avoid drinking while you play and along with setting yourself a time or budget limit for your evenings’ gaming, also set yourself a time limit between drinks or set aside some cash for the bar.

Casino Man has the latest news from both on and offline casinos so take a look at our news page and also check out our guide to the best casinos from around the world, the better to plan your trip and have the experience of a lifetime.
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