A History of WMS Gaming

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27 February 2011

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WMS Gaming started out its life when Harry Williams founded the company in 1943. At that time, the company was known as Williams Manufacturing Company. Harry Williams changed the way that pinball machines were designed by introducing a new mechanism allowing the machines to tilt for a better gaming experience. This changed the future of the game in the USA.

This set a president for the company in future years, and they ventured into the computer gaming market in the 1980s where they developed games for video arcade games. Then in 1991, the company began producing video lottery terminals under the company name Willliams Gaming.

After the success of the video lottery games, Williams Gaming as the company was known at the time, launched their first video poker game, which was a sensation. This led them to start producing casino slot machines in 1994 which were housed in casinos all over America. In 1999, the company changed name again to WMS Gaming, as it is now known.

By 2001 WMS Gaming had become a huge success, with slot machines featuring in most casinos in a variety of countries. Then two years later, they launched their new operating platform with much faster technology. Since then the company have gone from strength to strength always offering the latest technologies to their ever growing bank of games and platforms.

The latest achievement was the launch of their online casino in 2010, JackPotParty.com which has proved extremely popular. JackPotParty.com online casino is available in the UK for players aged over 18, due to gambling laws in the country.

The selection of games offered by WMS Gaming machines is vast and includes many popular games such as an electronic version of monopoly, as well as traditional roulette and blackjack games. With their online casino they have also launched popular games based on themes such as ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Star Trek’.

In recent times WMS Gaming has introduced a range of platforms, making them the market leaders in the future of gaming entertainment. Their inventive approach to gaming systems has given them prevalence in the industry globally, and along with their online casino there is now something for everyone from WMS Gaming.

Their mission statement says it all: ‘Through imagination, talent and technology, we create and provide the world's most compelling gaming experiences.’ The values of WMS Gaming are deep rooted in the company and everybody involved with the company is passionate about offering top quality gaming services to their clients. The passion shows in their amazing systems.

In 2008, WMS Gaming won four awards for Player Focused Products in Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards. This further confirms their popularity and strength in leading the industry and creating products that increase the standards of the gaming trade. Going forward, there is no doubt that WMS Gaming will continue t lead the way, and produce systems and services that will keep them on top of the competition for years to come.
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