How to play craps for the first time in Las Vegas

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18 August 2011

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The whole concept of crap is that it is a fast moving game that gets punters on their toes and for those who know and play the game routinely, shouting out their bets and throwing chips on the table for dealers to maneuver to where they need to be placed, it is a really great casino game to play.

Watching dealers seemingly and smoothly whipping the chips away and then stacking a load and pushing them over to a player who has presumably just won, you realize that no -  he hasn’t won - he has just bought into the game. In short to a new comer it looks like organized mayhem that is really hard to understand.

Playing craps for the first time can be a nerve racking experience but there are certain tips and pointers that may help calm those shaking hands and get the dice rolling. The best time to go and chance your luck on the dice table is when it is quiet in the casino, mid-week is usually a good time with hotel rooms costing that much less and with less people around you will not have to wait in line to get anything.

Another great idea is to start playing online in a small way and then working out the simplest bets like the ‘pass line’ bets, which every player usually makes during the game. Once you get used to the terminology and understand what the dealers are saying and doing, you can start to add more bets to the way you play craps. If you jump in the deep end you will sink down to unknown depths and leave the table bewildered and more than likely with a few less dollars in your pocket. So by getting online and following a game you can really get the feel of what is happening at the craps tables.

One thing to avoid is to ask the dealer questions, especially during a busy game. You will end up annoying him and everyone else at the table. Watch how different players who know their game throw the dice. Some will throw them high and some will roll them along the table but this is just a personal choice that each player decides on. As long as the dice rebound off the opposite side of the craps table it really does not matter how you throw them.

One golden rule at the craps table is never - absolutely never put a drink down on it. There is a special shelf around the table where players can place their chips, drinks and anything else they have with them at the table.  And never sit or lean on it. Try to avoid any advice from other players.

Remember that craps dealers like all the other dealers in casinos get tips, so remember to tip the dealer, especially if they have been helpful and friendly. Most crap players think by saying ‘seven’ out loud it will bring bad luck to the game, so with this in mind try not to say it, because it will draw attention to you being a new boy at the table.

Try not to let all the other players know that you are new to the game, as this is considered to be very unlucky, especially if you are a man. Women players on the other hand who are novices are thought to bring luck to the table and are welcomed with open arms.
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