How do you do your Due Diligence on an Online Casino?

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12 November 2011

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There is only so much a player can research when evaluating an online casino for the first time and when trying to determine the integrity of the owner and how they operate. There are many questions that a player must ask themselves before signing up with an online casino. The answer to these questions may not always be so clear, and how does a player even know if they are asking the correct questions?

This is where organisations such as e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) were set up to ask the right questions and perform the necessary checks on the player’s behalf. This (non-profit) organisation was in fact set up and established by one of the industry’s largest online casino software providers, Microgaming. The aim was to have an auditor who could scrutinise an online casino and carry out the necessary checks that a player simply could not do on their own.

Not all casinos have this seal of approval by eCOGRA, but there is no sense in signing up with a casino but more and more reputable operators are opting to be approved by this organisation and it makes no sense why a company would not want to be checked and frequently regulated by them unless they have ulterior motives and bad intentions. A player has to rely on such organisations to exist and carry out these checks otherwise there would be a huge dark cloud over the industry and constant suspicion. Without eCOGRA, there would certainly be a great deal more rogue casinos.

Without these independent auditors, there would be no safe bubble for online players to feel secure in. There would just be an ocean of money-grabbing operators who are just out to make a quick Dollar. You can do your due diligence and research as much as possible by checking out where the casino is licensed. Also check to see who actually regulates the site. The logos are generally found at the bottom of the homepage or information can be found in the casinos ‘About Us’ section.

Sometimes though, these operators lie about where they are licensed or who regulates them. This is why it is imperative to research as much as possible before signing up. This is the ultimate customer betrayal, so to be sure that you never fall prey to these operations and scams, check with eCOGRA or other auditors directly to see if they are telling the truth.

Today, payers have plenty of reviews to cross-reference, but the facts do tend to vary from one website to another, so always have an open mind and be prepared to do that extra bit of probing. There are numerous forums and chat rooms that have brought this issue up before regarding certain operators, which are also worth checking out. Just by spending time online researching can save you from heartache in the future and could see you helping others out and save them from potentially being scammed.

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