The Role of Luck and Probability In Gambling

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29 June 2012

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Luck and knowledge on probability is a potent and winning combination when you are gambling in casinos or anywhere else for that matter. Although luck cannot be controlled by anyone, even the gambling houses will have access to information on probability. So, there is every chance that they come up with ways of beating you, even if you devise a probability approach to win consistently.

Luck however is a totally different thing. When you have luck on your side, it is like the Midas touch. Every call you make, every card you draw and every throw of dice will win you more fortunes.

A Theory On Luck In Gambling

There is a very popular theory about luck when it comes to gambling. It has been noticed that experienced gamblers have more tendency of feeling lucky and having a lucky streak than their inexperienced counterparts. They seem to find winning streaks and attribute this to luck.

However, recent studies have shown that this is their experience coming to play more than anything else. When you keep doing something over a period of time, you develop an instinct about the train of events. When a person who has been driving for years on a stretch of road and is suddenly faced with an obstacle, he/she will instinctively brake and yank the steering to the other direction.

That is possible because that person’s brain is conditioned to behave in that way when faced with such a situation. Similarly while gambling, experienced gamblers notice subtle trends and changes in the gameplay. This will depend on the perception capacity of the brain. On a particular day, if the brain is more active than usual, all these things happen at a sub-conscious level.

On that day, the power of analysis is much higher than usual and they start winning each and every wager. Since this happens at a subconscious level, people don’t realize it and attribute this to luck.

Probability in Gambling

The role of probability in gambling, on the other hand, is simpler to understand. There are a certain set of cards in a pack and mathematics will help you in making a decision on which card is most likely to come up. It cannot be done using a single formula, but a combination of calculations.

Take the example of 3 doors with a prize behind one of the door. Initially the probability of the prize being behind any one of the door is 33%. Assume that you have chosen door number one. However, door number three will be opened revealing it to be empty. You now feel that you might have to change your option. But mathematics tells you to stick with your choice because initially the chance of you winning was 33%. After door number three was opened, your winning chance has shot up to 50%.

If you consider the above mentioned probability theory, you will win 3 times out of five. The same theory can be extended and applied to other games also. Only, the number of variables will be higher.

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Scream - 30 July 2012
"Luck comes first before the winning procedures. If you don't have the luck, try your chance next time. "
Casino Blazers - 12 July 2012
"Yes, I believe in you that the role of probability is simpler to understand in which I always keep in my mind. "

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