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24 August 2012

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An exciting slots offering from Bally’s, Betty Boop slot games feature the adorable Betty and pudgy her sidekick. There are two spate games on offer- Betty Boop’s Love Meter and Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller. The Love Meter game was the first to hit the market and the Fortune teller game was launched as a companion to this immensely successful slots game.
Betty Boop’s Love Meter
Playing Betty Love Meter is the perfect way to find out how ‘hot’ your are! With nine bonuses and a generous fun play prize, there is no doubt why this is one of the most popular slots games in existence today. Betty is generous with her rewards of Free Games to players and you may get anywhere between 1 and 15 freebies here. At the 10 and 15 Free Game levels you encounter a spin multiplier. Get your chance to rake in the credits like never before with Betty Boop’s Love Meter.
In Unlock Betty’s Heart, you get to pick a locket out of the three choices. If you are lucky you may just pick the one with Betty’s Heart. Every selection brings you an award in the form of a credit value and/ or another pick. A similar gaming segment is used in Betty’s Purse where you pick one of three purses to gain your instant credit values.
  Another interesting addition is the ‘Light up Betty’s Life’ segment where you touch a bulb to light it up. Move the Amp meter well into the red and get your bonus credit right away. The ‘How Hot are You?’ segment is perhaps the most thrilling part of this slots game with its offer of 100,000,000 credits. Play this level and you will know whether you are Loveable, Sexy, Smokin’, Romantic, Burning, Mischievous or better yet, Passionate!
To summarize Betty Boop’s Love Meter is a 40 line, 5 reel penny video slots game that comes with a generous nine bonus rounds. Three progressive bonus rounds and the enthralling Love Meter complete the game’s features.
Triggering The Love Meter
For most players the bets part of this game is when they trigger the Love Meter. To do this you need 3 love meter symbols appearing on reel numbers 1, 3 and 5. When you touch the screen the Meter lights up and comes to rest on one of the bonus games. Of the nine bonus games, five are free spins. The others are ‘Unlock betty’s Heart’, ‘Light up betty’s Life’, “Betty’s Purse’, and the perennial favorite ‘How Hot are You?’. Once the meter has determined how ‘hot’ you are, the panel flips over to show you the credit value you have won.
Betty Boop’s Love Meter is also available for download and play on your iPhone. You can get this game at the iTunes store as well.
Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller
This companion game to Betty Boop’s Love Meter offers an amazing 15 bonuses on each and every bet, surpassing the earlier game’s 9 bonuses by a good bit. In addition to this, the Fortune Teller slots game also has the Cash Connection, the amazing new wide area progressive. The bonuses have been named very creatively too and are sure to entice you to try your hand at winning them. To give you some examples, you have the Pudgy’s Magical Multiplier, Signs of the Zodiac (both free games), Betty’s Healing Crystals, Betty’s Treasure Chest and more to choose from.
An interactive bonus wheel gives the players of Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller and much more realistic slots gaming experience than the Love Meter game. Players can touch, spin and move the wheel much like they would do at a physical slots room. Lucky players will get to enter the progressive jackpots if they spin the wheel just right!
To make things even more exciting and to truly give players maximum control over their gaming, the Fortune Teller game also features the U-Choose bonus. This innovative bonus feature allows players to select their bonuses.
One of the most innovative features of this is the immersive technology brought into use with iDeck. Players can literally have their palms ‘read’ by the device by placing their hands in the right position. Of course instead of getting your fortune told, you get credits and multiplier awards.

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