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15 March 2013

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In order to get the most out of your online gaming experience, there are a few things you should know - here are a few house player secrets from the world of web-based online games.


When playing bingo online you shouldn’t take advantage of the first bet match or no deposit promotion you find. Shop around. Look for extra promotions that come into play once you’ve deposited some of your own money as these are often more beneficial than some free-to-play games.

Log in

If you are playing a game on a site that allows you to log in then you should do it. Not only will you get access to exclusive games for members only but you’ll be able to save your progress on them too. There’s nothing more annoying than playing a game all day only to lose your progress as soon as you close the window.

There are some gaming sites such as ‘Kongregate’ that allow you to collect points and level up based on the games you play. You can complete quests and achievements to earn extra points and win real prizes too.

Look at Developer Websites

The websites of indie game developers often contain games that haven’t yet been released the big gaming sites. If you play a lot of online games then you’ll soon find the game producers that you like the most.  You’ll also be able to keep up-to-date with what each developer is working on and when it’ll be released.

Go Mobile

There are plenty of online games that have mobile versions too. All Star Soccer is one of them. You might have spent hours playing this football game online when you can actually have it with you on the go. It’s no true for all games but All Star Soccer is actually better with a touch screen.


It’s not always the massively multi-player online games (MMOs) that are going to give you the most entertainment. Yes, there will be more gameplay involved and you’ll get the social aspect but there’s nothing wrong with web-based games that involve you and only you.

These are the games that developers can spend time making beautiful, interesting and entertaining. They don’t have to worry about how different players will be interacting or how the game will cope with multiple people playing at one time.

Re-Play Value

Very few web-based games have replay value but you need to remember that once you finish the main game there are often unlockables. This could be a different game mode, time trials, new items or even a chance to submit your high score.


There are often times when sites will offer prizes to the person who gets the highest score on a certain game. Keep an eye out for these because, if it’s a game you know well, you might be in with a very good chance of winning some amazing prizes.

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