The Essentials Of Playing Online Slot Games

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16 March 2013

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Everyone knows what casinos are, and everyone knows of slots, roulette and blackjack. So surely you know everything about the games that casinos offer, right?

Well, no.

Whilst roulette and blackjack may sound like the harder games to learn, you’ll actually find that slot games are the toughest to pick up since they differ greatly than the land based games everyone is used to. By the end of this guide, you’ll understand the basics of online slots which usually alienate players.

What Does It All Mean?

Online slots use a random number generator, also known as an RNG, which determines the random outcome that appears on the reels. This means you can’t predict what will appear by memorising what order the symbols appear in, as it changes each time. You’ll also find that online slots have features which most land based slot games don’t, including bonus symbols, which I’ll detail later.


The first thing to know is how you win. Much like land based slots; online slots demand that you match three or more symbols; however there are usually more pay-lines in online slots, meaning you have more chances of winning on each spin. A pay-line is the sequence the symbols must appear in to grant you winnings, and these differ depending on what slot you’re playing.
One of the best techniques to help you win in online slots is to keep as many pay-lines open as possible, as they grant you more ways of winning. If you have to lower your bet, then bet less on each pay-line rather than deactivating pay-lines you think won’t show up.

Most slots will use pay-lines, but some will have more than others. However there are some slots which will include every possibility as a pay-line, meaning all you have to do is get three or more matching symbols on reels adjacent to each other. In these games, there are hundreds of different ways to win, and some slots (such as Wild Rockets by NetEnt) will even let you win from right to left, as well as from the standard left to right configuration.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are another common feature in online slots, and are generally what the player is after if they want to hit the jackpot. While the bonuses themselves will differ from slot game to slot game, the way of accessing the bonus is usually the same. You’ll be required to have three or more bonus symbols (which are less common than other symbols) appear; you might need to have these appear on the same pay-line, however most online slots only ask that three appear on the screen at one time.
The reason that bonus rounds are sought after is that they provide the player with a way of making large amounts of money without having to wager anything. This could be done by giving the player free spins, a hidden choice of large jackpots, or by increasing the chances of rarer symbols appearing on the screen. As I said, each slot is different, so you’re best checking a specific slot review to see what their bonus round includes.

You’re Ready To Play

If you’ve read through this and thought ‘well that’s a bit obvious isn’t it?’ then you’re used to playing online slot games. These are usually what catch out new players, as they aren’t what people expect from slots. Traditional slots only used to have a single pay-line, which went through the middle of the reels; whilst a lot of land based slot games are now made with more pay-lines, they still can’t compete with the winning chances that you’ll find online.

Most online slots will be based on a theme, which can include movies, video games, TV shows or even a well-known period of history (there’s a whole pantheon of slot games based around the Greek mythology). This makes them more attractive to new players as they’re easy to identify, and will generally make the experience more enjoyable.

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