A Guide to Online Slots Tournaments

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24 June 2013

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A slot tournament (or online slot tourney) is an event where several different players get to compete against one another for real cash prizes. Not everyone who enters into the tournament will receive a share of the prize pool because it is usually divided up amongst the players who achieve the most points throughout the duration of the tourney.

For example, if 100 people enter into an online slot tournament, there may only be perhaps 10 or even 20 paid positions, with the top two or three people earning the lions share. There are also some online slots tournaments which only have for example six entrants. These smaller, sit ‘n go slot tourneys have a double-up payout structure, which means that if the tournament costs you $10 to enter, the top three players (out of the six that entered) will each end up with a total of $20.

Most of today’s online slot tournaments take place via the downloadable version of a casino and not from within the instant flash version of the same casino. It is quite uncommon to find a slot tournament on any of today’s instant flash casino platforms. Players can now enter into daily slot tournaments at various different Microgaming & Realtime Gaming-powered online casinos, but only via their download client. You must be 18 or above to enter into a slot tourney and you generally need to make a deposit before you can sign up to a one of these exciting events.

Whether you are entering in to a Microgaming slot tournament or into an RTG slot tournament, the details for each event can usually be found in the main tournament lobby. This area generally contains details about the entrance fee. You will also be able to find out the scheduled start time, unless it is a sit ‘n go (which will automatically start when the full amount of players have registered). You can also find out which slot(s) you will get to play on throughout the tournament and you can also view the tournament duration time, plus several other stats.

If you have registered to compete in an online slot tournament, try to remember the start time and if you are logged into your account, the tournament should then launch automatically when the time comes. While your tourney is taking place, you can view the leaderboard at any time to see your current rank. You can also check out the prize structure, which is likely to fluctuate if it the tourney permits rebuys or add-ons etc.

When the timer finally reaches zero, which could be after five minutes or after 24 hours, depending on which type of tournament you have entered in to, the players who finish in a paid position should receive their winnings straight away. If you think that you finished in a paid position but you haven’t received your winnings, you may need to quickly sign back out and then sign back in again to refresh your balance, or better still, you should contact the Live Chat to see what has happened to your winnings.

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