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Classic Sports Cars - The 1956 Ford Thunderbird
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05 August 2010

Classic Sports Cars - The 1956 Ford ThunderbirdFord’s Thunderbird is often one of the more underappreciated models ever released. However, it’s due to the “T-Bird” that other manufacturers started producing personal luxury cars for their customers. The Thunderbird was ahead of its time in many aspects, and it still stands strong today as one of the most impressive builds by Ford – especially the 1956 model.

Ford began working on their Thunderbird concept in 1953. They were in direct competition with Chevrolet, and when Chevy released their 1953 Corvette, the market completely shifted and left Ford playing catch-up. Ford Motors was never the type to tinker around with a powerful sports car, but the desperate times called for desperate measures, and the T-Bird was created.

The Thunderbird was under rapid development. From the first prototype plans released about the model, it only took a year to unveil the first model at the Detroit Auto Show in February of 1954. This was Ford’s version of the Corvette – a two-seat coupe/convertible with a powerful engine and sleek design.

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