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Classic Cars 1961 Studebaker Silver Hawk
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22 January 2011

Studebaker cars were some of the most popular types of car in the US in the 1950s thanks to their performance and looks. The 1961 Studebaker Silver Hawk was a car that had evolved from the Starlite design of 1953 which was a coupe that was a very popular car in its own right. By 1962 production of the Silver Hawk had ceased, giving way to the Hawk Gran Turismo which was in production for just over 12 months.

As you would think from classic cars, 1961 Studebaker Silver Hawk had features that made it an iconic car of its time and one that was instantly recognisable. One of these features on the Silver Hawk was a tail fin that made it look even longer and sleeker than previous models. In fact when many people think of cars with a 1950s or 1960s design this is the kind of car that they think of.

Unusually for many classic cars, 1961 Studebaker Silver Hawk was very reasonably priced which was what made it even more popular with many people. Studebaker had realised that the time was right to produce cheaper car than what was on the market at the time. This was a decision that certainly paid off as the car was very successful.

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