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Luxury Yacht Sales INDEPENDENCE Builder: Perini Navi
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07 October 2010

When thinking about how brutal this economy has been for regular Joe’s and Jane’s of the world, one might think that something like a luxury yacht wouldn’t be a high-valued item. However, large yachts are still being built, bought and sold in today’s market. One yacht currently for sale is the impressive Perini Navi-built Independence.

Independence was launched in 1998 by Perini Navi and is one of the largest ships they’ve built. Coming in at just over 173-feet, Independence is a sophisticated sailing yacht with a classy exterior design and a luxurious and spacious interior that’s one of a kind. Perini Navi took care of most of the design in-house, and the builder proved it had a knack for design.

Like a lot of yachts out there, it’s customary for a refitting or restyling process after 10 years or so. Independence was no exception, and she was recently refitted in 2008 with new sailing gear, new interior and exterior design features, and a complete overhaul in the entertainment department with many new features added in.

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