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Private Islands for Rent - Bonefish Cay, Bahamas
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30 May 2010

Private Islands for Rent - Bonefish Cay, BahamasBonefish Cay is a private island for rent located in the Abaco Island chain in the Bahamas. Although the island isn’t very large, only coming in at 13 acres, it’s completely decked out with a lavish, hurricane-proof home. Bonefish Cay gets its name due to the surrounding bonefish around the island.

If you want to treat yourself and friends or family, it’s rather expensive to rent: around $50,000 per week. Alternatively, you can have it for keeps as it’s up for sale at $14.5m.

The island certainly wasn’t an accident find turned into a quick money-making venture. The owners of the island worked for years to construct the housing on the island, landscape and property and the end result is a resort-like structure that encompasses much of the island. At 15,000 square feet, the buildings on the island offer plenty of room for the guests.

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