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What are your lucky numbers?
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27 August 2008

What are your lucky numbers?

As soon as man stood up and walked, he started to count. Before the idea of “numbers” became part of our basic logic set, objects were just objects. It's a little hard to imagine that if you had two rocks in front of you, you wouldn't refer to them as “two rocks.” The two had no significance. But numberless life didn't last for long. As soon as humans got a handle on numbers, they started to give them significant meanings.

Over time, numbers evolved to something more than a counting table. Numbers became mystical. The ancient Chinese are thought to be among the first to give numbers the label of “lucky.” In Chinese culture, some numbers are believed to be fortunate or unfortunate. Primarily, odd numbers are thought to be unlucky in Chinese culture, leaving the even numbers to be the luckier. The Chinese believe that good luck comes in pairs.

Almost every culture holds some numbers to a lucky standard. The number 7 has been considered to be lucky for centuries. Though its origins are up for debate, there are many instances throughout history that reference the number 7 and its lucky nature. The Pythagoreans referred to 7 as the “perfect number,” stating that 3 and 4, the triangle and the square, were the perfect figures.

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