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Most Luxurious Cruise Ships - Royal Caribbean's Oasis of The Seas
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19 May 2010

Most Luxurious Cruise Ships - Royal Caribbean's Oasis of The SeasOasis is a class of luxury cruise ship designed by Royal Caribbean International – the biggest passenger ships in the world. Two such ships were ordered in early 2006, and Royal Caribbean began production on two of the world’s most impressive cruise liners, Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. Allure is currently under construction, but Oasis was finished in 2009.

Oasis is expected to join up with her sister ship by 2011, but for the moment, she stands alone as the largest vessel at sea and certainly the jewel of the Royal Caribbean fleet. The previous largest cruise liner was the Freedom-class cruise ships of Royal Caribbean. The Freedom-class ships were 1,111 feet long and 208 feet high and were like towns at sea.

Coming in even larger and with more room, the Oasis of the Seas is like a floating city. The ship’s displacement is about 100,000 tons, and its weight is astonishing at over 225 thousand gross tons. This ship was created for stability. Amazingly, only 30 feet of the ship sits beneath the water. It’s so wide that the displacement is well distributed, helping the ship to handle waves.

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