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City Review of Austin, Texas
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06 September 2010

Due to its sheer size in nearly everything from food to fashion, Austin, Texas, a prominent city in the United States, has managed to live up to its state’s slogan over the years – everything’s bigger in Texas. For most visitors of the city, they find out this constantly rings true, as a huge list of tourist activities always awaits any vacationer looking to explore this historic city.

Austin is the capital of Texas, located near the center of the southern state, and has been one of America’s fastest-growing cities since 2000. While the rest of the country and much of the world took a huge financial hit during the recent - and still going - recession, cities like Austin managed to avoid the fallout due to a few reasons.

For starters, Austin isn’t heavily regulated by government influence. The lack of red tape via city planners’ overeager interference has left Austin and the rest of Texas free to grow. Texas, as a single state, produces more jobs than the other 49 states, and does so with lower tax rates and more personal freedoms than anywhere else in the entire U.S.

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Major US Attractions - Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park
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30 June 2010

Major US Attractions - Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic ParkLas Vegas has many attractions to lure people to the city, as you could imagine, but one of their most notable attractions has nothing to do with gambling or the other activities you’ll find in Sin City. The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park is one of the city’s only remaining relics of the pre-gambling era.

The Mormon State Historic Park gets its name from the actual Old Mormon Fort located on the property. 50 years before Las Vegas received its name and long before it was known as the gambling center of the world, Mormon missionaries built a fort on the property and it was eventually declared a historic landmark and has remained untouched over the years.

Mormons are sure to stay clear of Las Vegas these days, as their religion strictly prohibits 99% of what Vegas has to offer, but back in 1855, the natural springs flowing through Las Vegas provided the Mormon settlers with a prime location for living.

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