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Top 3 movies featuring texas hold'em poker
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16 April 2012

If you love poker and also enjoy a good movie, you may have seen your own fair share of poker movies over the years, including classics from the 60’s and 70’s to the more recent movies of the 90’s and  2000’s, but if you haven’t seen the following three movies, you‘ve been missing out.

The top 3 movies that caught our attention and also seem to appear on most people’s list of must-see Texas Hold’em poker movies includes titles such as ‘High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story’ (otherwise known as ‘Stuey’), as well as ‘Lucky You’ featuring Eric Bana, Robert Duval and Drew Barrymore and possibly the best poker movie ever, ‘Rounder’s’ featuring Matt Damon and John Malcovic. This one also stars John Tuturro.

If there are three poker movies that everyone should see at one point in their life, these are the ones. Each one has a completely different plot but all revolve around the world’s most loved card game, Texas Hold’em. These movies are often underrated and certainly deserve more recognition.  

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