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Single Zero Roulette Vs Double Zero Roulette
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31 August 2011

Place your bets is the phrase you will hear in casinos all over the world, it is followed by a mad flurry of players trying to get their chips down on the table before the Croupier announces ‘Rien ne va plus’ a few seconds before the ball drops neatly into the winning number, well at least that is what they would say if you were playing French Roulette.

This is not the only difference that a player will find between a French Roulette table and an American Roulette table because the American game has a double zero on it whereas the French only has the one zero. Does this matter to the player?

It is all a question of percentages, and with American Roulette having the double zero it increases the house percentage by a fraction. Not a big fraction, but just enough to give the house that little extra advantage over the players. Does this really make a huge difference for the gambler?

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City review of Albuquerque, NM
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26 May 2011

Bugs Bunny often commented that he "should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque", if he had have stayed there instead, he wouldn't have kept bumping into Elmer Thud that's for sure.  He would have also experienced the largest city in New Mexico.

At the turn of the 20th century, Albuquerque thrived and prospered and the town boasted many modern amenities, such as an electric street railway.  This provided the 8,000 inhabitants with good access across the city and some of the buildings from this era still survive.

The popularity of Route 66 brought many travellers to the area and a growth in motels and restaurants followed.  The path of Route 66 changed slightly in 1937, however there are now brown, historical highway markers placed along the pre-1937 route, so those of you with an interest in motoring from that era can follow the original roads.

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Review of The Spa - Sandy Lane, Barbados
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02 March 2011

Prepare to enter a world like you’ve never seen before at this top spa in one of the world’s most sought after holiday locations. Barbados is a place where dreams come true, with brilliant blue ocean stroking the white sand beaches as the palm trees sway in the Caribbean breeze.

The journey starts in the reception area which is clad with beautiful marble and sweeping staircases of black and gold. Climb these and find an array of treatment rooms where you can indulge in wonderful therapies and treatments.

The treatments are inspired by traditions from all over the world, including American, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, and there is always someone on hand to help you to choose the treatments that are right for you.

Massages, facials and total body treatments are all on offer in these lavishly decorated premises with beautiful rock features and waterfalls that come down from a rooftop pool. The entire complex is tranquil and will leave you feeling totally calm and at ease.

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A Review of the Long Island Wineries & Outlet Shopping Tour in New York City
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01 February 2011

The Long Island Wineries and Outlet Shopping Tour of New York is the perfect day trip to experience the culture at the heart of the famous American city. It’s well suited to couples and friends alike.

This day trip would be an excellent gift for the wine connoisseur, as New York wines are extremely high in quality and famous throughout the globe. The day is coupled with a wonderful guided shopping trip to the best outlets.

The tour starts off at Riverhead, where you will enjoy a lovely country style breakfast with breathtaking views of the beautiful scenery. From there you will continue on to the North Fork, which is the wine making hub of New York.

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