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Barvikha Hotel & Spa - World's Most Luxurious Hotels
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26 February 2010

Barvikha Hotel & Spa - World's Most Luxurious HotelsIn the world of luxury hotels and resorts, one might expect that Moscow would be the last place to find a first-rate hotel, never mind a luxurious and modern hotel/spa hybrid thats both warm and welcoming. However, Moscow has come a long way, and the Barvikha Hotel & Spa easily stands out as one of the finest new resorts on the planet.

The hotel is located in the Barvikha Luxury Village an ultra exclusive suburb of Moscow. This high-end area, known for its style and elegance, is the quintessential spot for such a well-designed, chic property, and the design team pulled no punches when it was time to build the resort only a few short years ago.

To handle the modern design aspect of the luxury hotel, Antonio Citterioa world famous designerwas brought in. Antonio outfitted the hotels 65 suites and spa with features such as separate terraces, fireplaces, private unique massage tables, steam showers, and an overall chic and modern feel thats light years removed from how Moscow is viewed.

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