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City Review of Anchorage, AK
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21 January 2011

The city of Anchorage is nestled amongst the snow capped mountains and forests of Alaska, rich in culture, wildlife and friendly greetings it is a place to be welcomed and explored.   The cosmopolitan city of Anchorage has no shortage of culture which you can see expressed through its music, dance and art in many of the cafes and restaurants dotted around the city.  With the city sitting on the edge of the coast and the abundance of marine life available, it is no wonder that you can find some fabulous seafood restaurants in Anchorage.

If wildlife and outdoor pursuits is your thing then you will be excited to get out into the wilderness to experience this breath taking scenery first hand.  You can literally lose yourself in the beauty of the fjords, glaciers and waterfalls of the small bays on the outskirts of the city. The array of different wildlife; from fish catching bears, bounding deer to the occasional whales tail  or dolphin breaking the surface of the still waters, will seem like time has stood still in Anchorage.

There are various tribes of natives that live across Alaska but they only make up about 16% of the population.  The cold climate of has taught them excellent survival skills and they have learnt over the years to live of the land even in the world worst extremities.  You can see an array of culture and heritage in the Anchorage Museum and the Alaska Native Heritage Centre.  There is a mix of Russian and native history in the Museums’ with a strong sense of the indigenous natives coming through in the art work on display.

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