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City review of Lake Havasu City
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04 June 2011

The state of Arizona hosts a variety of cities with good tourist attractions.  Lake Havasu City is one of the most popular, and is the largest city in Mohave County.  A former World War II Army Air Corps rest camp, the city was established in 1963 as a planned community, and currently has a population of around 53,000 inhabitants.

Lake Havasu itself was created in 1938 when Parker Dam was built in the Colorado River.  This followed the creation of our significant lakes such as Lake Mohave (at David Dam) and Lake Mead (at Hoover Dam).  Of all of these lakes on the Colorado River, Lake Havasu currently has the highest levels of nitrate and uranium.

The city gain world wide exposure in 1968, when it purchased London Bridge from the City of London for $2.5 million.  Over the course of three years, the bridge was taken apart piece by piece and reassembled on the opposite side of the Atlantic from where it originated.  The whole operation cast a further $7 million and since it’s opening in 1971, has become a major tourist attraction.

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Does Phil Mickelson Have What It Takes to Win the 2011 Masters?
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10 April 2011

Phil Mickelson was the winner of the 2010 Masters Tournament in August, Georgia in the United States. Can he do it again at this year’s tournament?

Phil Mickelson was born in June 1970, making him 41 on his birthday in June this year. He turned professional in 1992 when he graduated from his golf scholarship at Arizona State University. And in his 19 years of professional golfing, he has achieved no less than 46 professional wins.

Before he turned professional however, he even managed to rack up 7 wins at amateur level. In 1981 at the age of 10, he won his first championship – the Junior World Golf Championships for boys aged 9-10. Eight years later he won the NCAA I Championship and he also won this the following year, when he also won the US Amateur and the Porter Cup. In 1991 he won the Western Amateur and he also entered into the Northern Telecom Open as an amateur. He then returned to win the NCAA Division I Championship in 1992 for the third time in his amateur golfing career.

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Grand Canyon West Rim Day Trip by Coach, Helicopter and Boat with Optional Skywalk
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08 February 2011

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders that attract millions of visitors every year. The massive gorge that the Colorado River has formed stretches 500 miles long, most of which is underneath Lake Powel, and the best place to visit the gorge is in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Although there are various places to visit such as the South and West Rim, the proximity of the West Rim to Las Vegas makes it the ideal location.

The West Rim is on the Hualapai Indian reservation which covers a large area of the Canyon at its deepest point of around 5000 feet and 20 miles wide. The Indian tribe have made this into a tourist attraction with an airfield, visitor centre and ranch that offer over night accommodation. The West Rim is a 2 hour drive down route 93 from Las Vegas or a 15 minute flight by helicopter.

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Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Hoover Dam
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13 July 2010

Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Hoover DamNevada is far from the barren wasteland that some visitors of Las Vegas may think it to be. In fact, all the glitz and glamour of the city is possible because of the powerful Colorado River that runs through the state. That water is held off by the Hoover Dam, and besides also functioning as a power plant, the dam also serves as one of the country’s hottest tourist attractions.

The Hoover Dam is located in the south of Nevada and shares a border with Arizona. The dammed water from the Colorado River creates Lake Mead (Nevada) and Lake Mohave (Arizona). Motorists can’t miss it on highway US 93.

Hoover is absolutely huge, standing 726 feet high and covering 1,244 feet in length. The structure is what’s known as a concrete arch-gravity dam, when it was built, it was years ahead of its time in terms of construction and sheer scale. The project was originally known as Boulder Dam.

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