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Bond Street London's Most Elegant Shopping Experience
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14 June 2010

Bond Street  London's Most Elegant Shopping ExperienceBond Street has a long history of being one of the foremost shopping locations in all of London. Oddly enough, however, there is no actual Bond Street to be found. It’s more of a nickname that survived the times and was picked up due to the southern section being known as Old Bond Street and its northern counterpart known as New Bond Street.

The street runs through Mayfair from Piccadilly on the south end and up to Oxford Street in the north. This large shopping area is located in London’s posh West End shopping district, and it easily beats Regent Street in terms of high-end boutiques and clientele. Bond Street has been a fashionable shopping experience in London since the 18th century, and it continues on today.

Bond Street was named after Sir Thomas Bond, a developer who purchased property in the area. Bond would immediately begin demolishing the mansion he purchased and building up the area, including the nearby Albemarie and Dover Street. It wasn’t long until the area (Old Bond Street) was completed and shops started to open up.

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