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Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships - Munich 2010
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07 March 2010

Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships - Munich 2010Some sports of the world are just too wild to comprehend unless you actually see them. A cross between ice hockey, boardercross and downhill skiing, the Red Bull Crashed Ice races are more like something you might see Arnold Schwarzengegger starring in rather than a legitimate sport. This fast and fantastic sport is real, however, and it leaves spectators floored.

The Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship took place in Munich, Germany earlier this year, and the city was absolutely enthralled to see the action.

Much like a science fiction, futuristic dream sequence, ramps, jumps and other obstacles were built overtop of the citys streets. The fans lined up alongside to watch the racers compete up close.

The Olympic Park, famed for Munichs 1972 Olympic Games, was literally transformed into a winter wonderland for the race. The track was designed to be easy enough to navigate to prevent any untimely crashes, but still steep enough to propel skaters to speeds of over 50 kilometers per hour before jumping or turning.

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