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A Biography of World-Renowned Bronze Sculptor Richard MacDonald
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31 July 2010

A Biography of World-Renowned Bronze Sculptor Richard MacDonaldThroughout the years, sculptures have been providing a very unique type of art. In the old days, some took their chisels and etched out a place in history using slabs of marble, limestone, granite and other large rocks. Metals eventually started taking their place, and bronze is one of the more popular metals used today.

One of the most widely recognized sculptors of this era is Richard MacDonald. Richard specializes in bronze sculptures, ranging in size and style, and his work is consistently flawless in terms of minor details and overall craftsmanship. One of MacDonald’s most impressive pieces, technically a series of sculptures, is The Gymnast.

MacDonald was always considered a talented American artist, but he never really broke out in the mainstream until the mid 1990s. When the Olympic Games were coming to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996, MacDonald was tasked with creating a sculpture for Centennial Park. He sculpted “Flair Across America,” a 26-foot tall bronze statue of an athlete.

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