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The Mooney Acclaim Type S Private Jet
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11 February 2011

The Mooney Acclaim Type S Private Jet is a single engine jet that is said to be one of the fastest private jets on the planet right now and from its specifications it is easy to see why. Not only is it incredibly fast it is also incredibly powerful and this is due to the many refinements that the Type S has been through. In addition to being fast and powerful the Acclaim Type S is also fuel efficient and reasonably cheap to run.

The avionics used inside this jet is the Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite which is simple to use and has exceptional safety features. All the data that the pilot needs is shown on LCDs which can be read in sunlight which means they can be seen clearly in all conditions. Add to this duel batteries for power backup and you can easily see why this avionics system was chosen above any other.

Inside the cabin you will find there are leather seats that are hand stitched which are both durable and comfortable. Behind the two front seats there is the choice of either two separate seats which can recline or a bench that is capable of seating three people. The Acclaim Type S also has optional air conditioning and heating and individual controls for lighting and air.

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