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Top Las Vegas Shows - Crazy Girls
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16 May 2010

Top Las Vegas Shows - Crazy GirlsThe city of Las Vegas definitely has no shortage of adult-themed entertainment shows for the visitor feeling a little on the naughty side. One of the most talked about these days is the Crazy Girls show at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. Almost every review of the show reads the same: Crazy Girls pushes the limits of even a show in Las Vegas.

When guests are filing into the medium-sized auditorium at the Riviera, there’s really nothing that stands out as unusual. The stage setting is fairly basic, the room is unassuming and most are totally unaware of the spectacle they’re about to behold. Crazy Girls is the kind of show that sneaks up on you and bites – but in a good way.

To properly gauge the type of show Crazy Girls is, one must first be honest with his or her self: if you’re going into a topless show, then you’re going because you want to see the topless girls. Vegas stage shows don’t offer the “I read Playboy for the articles” excuse. There’s no art involved with the typical high-kicking showgirl; it’s about nudity.

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