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Biography of Sir Jackie Stewart from Formula 1
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13 January 2009

Biography of Sir Jackie Stewart from Formula 1Born June 11, 1939 in Milton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, John Young Stewart - also known as “Jackie” - is a former Formula One racecar driver. Considered by most fans and fellow sportsmen to be a true legend of the track, Jackie is the winner of three World Drivers’ Championships, 27 races, 15 fastest laps, and 17 Pole Positions. His career spanned a short 8 years - where he only started 99 races - from 1965 to 1973, but Stewart etched out his own mantle in those few years. After racing, his fame grew as an announcer for the sport in the United States.

In his early life Jackie Stewart was involved with cars via his family’s business, Dumbuck Garage in Dumbarton. He worked as an apprentice mechanic, and eventually chose to follow in his brother Jimmy’s footsteps as a racecar driver. In 1953, Jackie’s brother drove in the British Grand Prix for Ecurie Ecosse. However, after his brother was injured in a severe car crash, Jackie’s parents urged him to take up shooting instead of driving. Stewart quickly displayed a talent for target shooting, finishing a competition a shot’s worth away from making it to the 1960 Olympics.

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