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Private Islands For Sale - Emerald Cay, Turks And Caicos Islands
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12 June 2010

Private Islands For Sale - Emerald Cay, Turks And Caicos IslandsThe Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean Sea are a group of islets and cays that have undergone an upscale transformation thanks to private ownership and the real estate market. You won’t find any remote villagers inhabiting these islands; instead, developers have gone all out in developing world-class property in hopes of turning a big profit. Emerald Cay is among the group’s gems.

Approximately 2.3 acres in size, Emerald Cay isn’t exactly a sprawling piece of land. However, it is a private island, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean on all sides and granting access to the mainland via a remote controlled drawbridge.

Emerald Cay isn’t a solid piece of land, either. It’s made up of smaller pieces of land, powdery white-sand beaches and sporadic patches of woodland. It’s perhaps one of the most unique properties currently on sale in the Caribbean.

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