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Seven Simple Tips for Poker Newbies
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25 November 2011

Going into a casino and playing poker for the first time can be a daunting experience. It’s not the same thing as getting a bunch of buddies around a folding table at home. However, follow these simple rules and you might find yourself fitting in, and perhaps even winning, a whole lot faster.

1) Watch before you play: Some casinos will randomly place you at a table, but others will give you a choice as to what group you join. Either way, you should take a moment to watch the chemistry at the tables before you play. See how the betting is going and who the power players are. Having a feel for the rhythm of the table before you start to play gives you an edge.

2) Lurk for a bit: The worst thing you can do when sitting down at a new table is to try and take charge of the game, either by placing huge wagers in an attempt to control the hand, or by simply talking up a storm at a table where quiet contemplation is the norm. You don’t want the table to unite against you based off first impressions.

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