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Guide to Bingo Lingo
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01 February 2013

Over the past decade online bingo has become an increasingly popular pastime. People are turning away from bingo halls in their droves, and opting to play from the comfort of their own home. Researchers now rank it as the second most popular online game in the UK.

Bingo is as much about the social interaction and the ‘buzz’ of excitement players feel, than anything else, which is why chat rooms are a key feature of the most popular sites. But, for anyone logging on to an online bingo site for the first time, they could be forgiven for thinking that everyone else on the integrated chat room was a little bit barmy!

Long gone are the days of the bingo caller shouting ‘2 little ducks’ and ‘legs eleven’, digital gaming has spawned as a whole new generation of bingo fanatics, who have made up their own bingo language - Binglish or Bingo Lingo as it’s sometimes known.

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