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Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Hoover Dam
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13 July 2010

Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Hoover DamNevada is far from the barren wasteland that some visitors of Las Vegas may think it to be. In fact, all the glitz and glamour of the city is possible because of the powerful Colorado River that runs through the state. That water is held off by the Hoover Dam, and besides also functioning as a power plant, the dam also serves as one of the country’s hottest tourist attractions.

The Hoover Dam is located in the south of Nevada and shares a border with Arizona. The dammed water from the Colorado River creates Lake Mead (Nevada) and Lake Mohave (Arizona). Motorists can’t miss it on highway US 93.

Hoover is absolutely huge, standing 726 feet high and covering 1,244 feet in length. The structure is what’s known as a concrete arch-gravity dam, when it was built, it was years ahead of its time in terms of construction and sheer scale. The project was originally known as Boulder Dam.

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