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Following in the Footsteps, Damon Hill
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29 June 2009

Following in the Footsteps, Damon HillThe son of Formula One racing’s former legendary diver, Graham Hill, Damon Hill picked up where his father left off. Born in London, England on September 17, 1960, Damon’s life - unlike his father’s - seemed destined for the track. However, Damon wished to pursue a different type of racing, motorcycle racing.

He was a natural-born talent on the track, becoming a well respected motorcycle racer in his own right, but his true calling was with the single-seater Formula cars. Damon’s career wasn’t quite as successful as his father’s, but most familiar with the sport speculate this is due to the very short career: 1992 to 1999. In this 7-season span, Damon participated in 122 races, wining 22, appearing on the podium for 42, earning 20 Pole Positions, earning 19 fastest laps, and winning a Championship.

Damon came over to the Formula side for good in 1984, where he slowly raced his way up the rankings in Formula Three and Formula 3000. Although he showed the occasional flashes of brilliance, he was widely considered an average driver until he broke into Grand Prix racing in 1992 with a Brabham team that had seen better days.

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