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The History of the Masters Golf Tournament
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07 April 2011

The Masters Tournament is a golfing tournament that takes place every year in Augusta, Georgia in the United States. It is one of the four annual major professional golfing events and is usually held in the first week of April each year. The Masters Tournament is the only one of the four major golfing events that takes place in the same location every year. The other major events are the US Open, the British Open (also known as the Open Championship) and the PGA Championship and each event changes location annually.

The Masters Tournament was established by Bobby Jones who was the most successful American amateur golfer that has ever competed nationally and internationally. He was a lawyer by trade, but had a real passion for golf, and after he retired from being a lawyer he wanted to build a golf course.

Out of his dream for building a golf course was born the Augusta National Golf Club which is the club that houses the Masters Tournament in Augusta. Bobby Jones took the advice of Clifford Robert in building the club house, who was an American investment dealer and Golf administrator. Clifford Roberts then took the position of Club Chairman.

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