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Top Vegas Shows - Free Beer! The Improv Show
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05 March 2010

Top Vegas Shows - Free Beer! The Improv ShowComedy shows have always had a tight grip around the neck of Las Vegas. Even famous acts like The Rat Packfeaturing Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra - offered guests a lot more than crooner classics. Their shows delivered some great comedy sketches and even some legitimate improve. Following in those footsteps is Vegas Free Beer! The Improv Show.

Its always extremely difficult to describe an improv show in any type of general terms; i.e. good, bad, entertaining, etc. This is due to the nature of improvisation comedy: theres never any set stage or routine, per se; there are simply some talented improvisation comedians who feed off of one another and deliver original skits.

For Free Beer! The Improv Show in particular, its very similar to the UKs and Americas hit show Whose Line is it Anyway, where a cast of comedians, directed by a host, take audience suggestions and play out different scenarios on a whim. The spirit of Free Beer is certainly along those same lines.

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