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Biography of Business Magnate Kushal Pal Singh
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06 August 2009

Biography of Business Magnate Kushal Pal SinghWhen it comes to multi-billion-dollar real estate moguls, Donald Trump pretty much wins the popularity contest. However, if people knew the story behind Kushal Pal Singh, they would be amazed to learn that this soft-spoken magnate blew more money in a year than Trump has made in his entire life - 5-times over.

2007 started out as a good year for Singh. He was worth an estimated $35-billion, and the sky was the limit on how much his upcoming deal would earn. Kushal lost a great deal of money on bad deals, so attempted to boost his share prices to make it up. This resulted in losing $27.2-billion in a single year. His current net worth is around $8-billion.

Kushal Pal Singh was born August 15, 1931 at Bulandshahar in Uttar Pradesh. He was a gifted student with a knack for business and a taste for money. He was also interested in science and space, and went to college to pursue a more astronomical experience

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