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See A Darker Side to Sin City With The Vegas Mob Tour
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05 February 2010

See A Darker Side to Sin City With The Vegas Mob TourLong before Las Vegas became well known as the place to catch every washed-up act from sea to shining sea (as well as some great ones, mind you!), the common consensus was that the mob pretty much controlled much of the day-to-day activities. Going to Las Vegas these days, youd be hard-pressed to find signs of any gangster-style mafia activity.

The big-shot entrepreneurs proved that money talks and intimidation walks. But this is actually a good thing. Mob activity is much kinder and gentler when its fictionalized; and if you want to get close to the mob, minus the concrete boots, the Vegas Mob Tour is available in Sin City, showcasing the best - or worst, depending on your disposition - of what the mob had to offer.

The Vegas Mob Tour is carried out via bus and takes around two and a half hours from start to finish. During this time, youll be chauffeured around to many locations where the mafia and organized crime in general once had a firm grip on the landscape.

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