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10 Things You Must Do In Rome
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23 February 2010

10 Things You Must Do In Rome

Rome, Italy, famous for its diverse culture, historic buildings, and beautiful art work is definitely among the top ten places in the world to travel. However with all these attractions, it would not be difficult for one to find themselves overwhelmed with what to see and do first. Here you will find a list of the top ten things to do while in Rome.

1. The Colosseum
First and for most The Roman Colosseum is a must see. The building itself has been there for almost 2000 years and was once used for ancient games and spectacles, such as gladiator games, animal hunts, and even executions. The amphitheatre is the largest ever built in the Roman Empire, and while it has taken some structural damage over the years, it still remains to be an absolutely magnificent glimpse of history.

2 & 3. Vatican City & Sistine Chapel
While it technically remains to be a city of its own, Vatican City is still an absolute must see when visiting Rome. As well as this being the very heart of the worlds most widespread form of Christianity, you will find the Sistine Chapel here along with many of Michelangelos frescoes.

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