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Worlds Top Resorts - Casa Contenta
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09 January 2009

Worlds Top Resorts - Casa Contenta

The United States is sometimes seen as a place where hard work can earn a modest and freedom-filled life of opportunity. And other times, it's seen as an absolute overindulgence to the umpteenth degree. For anyone who's ever ventured off the shores of Miami, Florida's famed South Beach, they know all too well that the latter is true. Located on the ultra-exclusive gated community Palm Island, guests can find the true meaning of luxury at Casa Contenta. This extravagant two-story residence covers over an entire acre, and that doesn't include the surrounding areas.

The Spanish-style Casa Contenta resort boasts an exceptionally designed and decorated interior. The pristine quality of the resort looks more like a livable museum than your average “hotel.” You can find authentic French furnishings, priceless artwork, and the classic feel is well rounded out by state-of-the-art technologies available to guests, so they never miss a bit of business.

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