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Which Microgaming Casinos Still Accept UK Players?
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28 February 2015

Right up until the end of 2014 when new gaming legislation came into effect in the United Kingdom, the online gambling laws in the UK were fairly liberal and there were lots of Microgaming casinos available. However, this all changed in December 2014 and almost overnight the number of Microgaming powered casinos that used to be available to UK players were no longer available. Microgaming software can be found in more than 440 different gambling portals around the world and at the time of writing approximately 230+ of these do still accept real cash wagers from UK players.

The casinos that didn’t already have a license from the UK Gambling Commission now had to obtain one if they wanted to continue offering their services to UK players. Many operators did not want to pay the huge taxes levied by the government and so chose not to obtain a licence. On the other hand, some of these operators have now applied for a new UK Gambling Commission license, but in the meantime these casinos still cannot accept real cash wagers from UK players. As soon as we do see more successful applicants obtaining licenses, even more Microgaming casinos should start becoming available to UK players as we move deeper into 2015.

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