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How do online casino's calculate bonuses?
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20 August 2009

Most online casino’s calculate bonuses by wagering requirements, meaning that basically you need to wager a certain amount before they will reward you with a bonus. Casino’s need these wagering requirements to keep themselves in business so that you can carry on playing, if they give away bonuses all of the time then you would be running out of games that are still online for you to play.

Our casino experts have worked out everything on casino bonuses and loaded it into our online bonus guide for you to find and read through easily. We’ve worked out the calculation for the bonuses and explained it within the guide for you to understand, and then maybe you won’t try so hard to beat the systems!

We’ve even drawn up a bonus wagering radio chart for you to scroll through and find the casino’s offering the best bonuses based on the wagering ratio factor. As with all of the charts on our website is it very helpful by even listing what currencies you can claim your winnings in.

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